Why SUPAROO - Good Addiction

Rule Number One: Do not buy the cheapest low-end SUP board. It will be both unsafe and unenjoyable. Never use unsafe gear on water – it’s dangerous and you will be risking your health, safety and possibly your life. And you will have to buy another board soon anyway because the first one will be destroyed.

We put ourselves on SUP boards in 2009 for the first time and instantly fell in love with this sport. This is one of the most exciting and addictive sports you can find. Yet you don’t need to have special skills and be a “Pro” to become a SUPer.

We build all of our boards with an every-day person in mind – just as we are. The SUPAROO owner started SUPing when he was 42 and SUP surfing at 46. He feels like he’s 25 again every time when he is on the water. And he had no prior surfing experience whatsoever.

It took him 5 (five!) boards, 4 years and about $10,000 to eventually find the right board which was perfect for him. In SUPAROO, we don’t want our clients to suffer like this. You need to get the right board and the right gear for yourself now - not later after 4-5 boards, many years and spending in excess of $10,000. You will start enjoying SUPing with your first correctly selected SUPAROO board. And you can come back later and get a better-fitted board for you when “you know what you’re doing”. We’ll trade-in your first board to provide an easy step up to your next SUPer level.

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